Why Raw Honey Is Becoming More Popular


I think one of the reasons why raw honey is gaining so much popularity is because of the demand for healthy sweeteners. There is much more information available now showing the dangers of high fructose corn syrup and aspartame. With this new information out there many people are looking for healthy or healthier sweeteners. Raw honey is made naturally from bees so people are usually most comfortable using this natural sweetener. People would be a lot more comfortable having raw honey with their their coffee then sucrose. Raw honey is healthier than sucrose due to its mineral content, antibacterial and anti fungal properties. I'm sure there are many other benefits to raw honey that we currently aren't aware of. I think in time with research we will find out more about these benefits. I consume a huge amount of raw honey. I can go through 200 mL of honey a day. The shocks a lot of doctors who consider honey or any type of sugar to be bad for you because they think that fructose causes all this disease. Fructose actually helps regulate blood sugar. Fructose is really good for you. There may be some people that could argue with me and say that consuming huge amounts of fructose could be a bit of a problem but so can eating too much protein without proper amounts of carbohydrate. Too much of anything is not good and I think for the most part were consuming too little fructose to ever go overboard on it. If you look at peoples diets there not consuming enough protein. There sources of carbohydrates are mostly grains so they aren't even consuming much if any fructose in the forms of fruits. Fruits are even better than raw honey because they have much a higher concentration of vitamins and minerals in them. Raw honey does have one advantage over fruits. It is a pure source of sugar. This means that you consume larger amounts of fructose at once without getting full. I could probably eat two oranges at the most with some protein and then be full. I could however consume up to four to five tablespoons of honey with some protein and still not be totally full. This means I can greatly increase my fructose consumption if I use raw honey instead of a fruit. I find personally that I need to consume large amounts of fructose in my meals in order to get the best increase in metabolism. I've seen drastic increases in my body temperature by consuming raw honey with my meals. This is because of the benefit's of fructose.If your looking for raw honey ontario many stores and farmers that will be glad to sell you their honey.

Fructose helps reduce adrenaline and cortisol levels. There is a lot of talk now in our culture about the dangers of high cortisol levels. It's not that cortisol is bad because cortisol is necessary to regulate blood sugar. It just that when cortisol is increased to high levels over long periods of time it has catabolic effects. Our bodies need to produce cortisol in order to keep us alive. It helps us reduce inflammation in times of stress. There are many people that say that you shouldn't consume any foods that have sugar in them. These people don't understand how the body works because if they did they would understand the importance of consuming the right types of sugar. Healthy sugars are raw honey and fruits. Maple syrup and agave would be healthy if it wasn't for the fact that they are heated to very high temperatures. This makes them not the healthiest but still a lot better then consuming no sugar. Sucrose would be safer then both maple syrup and agave. I don't usually tell someone to eat something or do something unless I really feel that it will help them. I feel personally that if people consumed raw honey with the right types and amounts of protein and fat. There could see a huge increase in their overall health. You want to be consuming the right types of sugar. You want to work with sugar not against it. Sugar is your best friend not your nemesis. If more people incorporated raw honey into their meals we wouldn't be seeing all this disease in our culture. I just wanted to again let me people know that if your looking for raw honey ontario and lots of other provinces in Canada sell this great food.

Were seeing more more people being diagnosed with different diseases. Were seeing new names to define new diseases that never even previous existed. This is because what were doing isn't working. Were not looking at peoples diet's and lifestyle. Doctors are just giving people prescriptions or telling them to remove sugar from their diet. The very thing doctors are telling their patients to do is actually perpetuating their patients struggle with their own health. Why they keep telling me to do the same them and them expecting their patient to get a different result is really beyond me. I don't understand why they can't see that what they're doing is truly not working. It's amazing how close minded conventional medicine is. It's almost as if they're blinded by the truth of the matter. If they actually looked at the success rates they would see that it's abysmal. They probably don't get success with anybody. Of course it's hard to say because were not looking at how we define success. I'm just saying generally speaking that I never see anybody go to a doctor and dramatically improve their quality of life. We have surgeons that do amazing things when it comes to emergency situations or accidents. I have huge respect for surgeons and doctors that work in emergency situations. I just have a hard time understanding why general practitioners aren't willing to take on new ideas when their old ones aren't working I could tell them about the benefits of raw honey as well as the benefits of organic foods and light therapy. They would say this is all very interesting but they want to continue to do what they are doing because that's how they do things. It makes no sense because the things that they do are not working. It's useless for me to continually say this because nothing is going to change. Only thing I can do is help educate people out there on the benefits of organic foods like raw honey coconut oil. These foods help you to improve your health and when you eat these foods in time you will get great results and your medical doctor will be puzzled by this and a lot of times mystified. They may say things like this didn't make any sense but if you understand how the body works. It makes a lot of sense. you want to eat foods like raw honey ontario has lots of places to also buy organic foods and grass fed meats. These are the foods which will heal you.